How to enable boot to desktop group policy for Windows 8

So long ago I blogged/ranted about how the Group Policy setting “Do not show the Start Menu when the user logs in” was explicitly disabled in Windows 8 (see  The must NOT have Windows 8 Start Menu Group Policy Setting). But I have since found a way that you can actually implement this feature (all …

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What’s up with GPOs in Windows Server 2012

First off… Merry Christmas (or seasons greeting)… Secondly sorry I have been slack with updating my web site lately but I have been really busy at work and since Christmas Day (which is also my birthday) I have been playing lots of FarCry 3 and Star Wars The Old Republic so…. sorry… But, If you …

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Screencast: How to use Group Policy Preferences to setup up Shortcuts

In this screencast I show you how to use the Group Policy Preferences Shortcuts Extension to deploy shortcuts to a users desktop. This video also demonstrates how you can configure the shortcut to only apply once for the users and how you can configure them to automatically be cleaned up when no longer required.