TechEd 2010 AU – Desktop Security with Windows 7 Applocker, Bitlocker, Forefront End Point Protection

Here is another one of my TechEd 2010 Australia sessions…

Description: Managing Desktop Security is more than just installing scanning software, it’s about managing the applications, the data and ensuring the environment is monitored. In this session we look at AppLocker for to help you decide which ones to allow and which ones to squelch. Then at securing data both on the machine and in transit using Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go. Finally capping it off with Forefront Endpoint Protection to let us know when all is not what it seems…


  1. Alan knows his stuff, tight as a Group Policy MVP! Be sure to also implement least privilege! Without it, these other technologies are mearly bandaids! There is NO built-in MS technology to provide least privilege… NOTHING. Not AppLocker, Not UAC, not anything. However, BeyondTrust ( PowerBroker is a least privilege solution for any corporate environment. All you need is Windows desktops and AD! All users run any application, even those requiring local admin, but are running as standard user!

    Derek Melber, MVP

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