1. thanks for the info.

    But the registery value, u can also do with GPO (better i think)

    Computer config / Policies / admin templ / system / logon -> always use custom logon background = enabled

    • OMG!! I Never knew that one existed… i am going to have to update the article… thanks

    • There isn’t such option “always use custom logon background” ???
      Windows 2008 R2 ?

  2. Hi There,

    I am following your article but the file is not copying at all. I have several domain controllers and I am putting it in the SysVol login scripts folder and given Domain Computers access to it but the file just doesn’t copy over.



  3. Hi,

    “Tip #4: As this registry key already exists then I would NOT recommend using the…”

    The what? Computer Configuration? User Configuration?

    I’m having issues with setting this up, so that tip may very well fix my problem.

  4. My backgroundDefault.jpg will not overwrite the one already in the background folder on the local machine. Is there a way to do that without me having to physically touch each machine?

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