Internet Explorer 11 Administrator Templates

ieLogo_h_WebMicrosoft released Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 today and as part of this release they have also made the ADM files available for download. This enables Group Policy administrators to manage IE11 using administrator templates without having to install Windows 8.1.

In fact if you load these templates you can still modify the IE 11 Group Policy settings from Windows XP/2003 computer. However I would not recommend doing this…

Even if you have not deployed Internet Explorer 11 yet in your organisation you can still load these ADM templates in your existing  GPO without affecting any of your existing settings.

But if you want Group Policy Preferences support then definitely checkout my In this session where I also explain how you the Internet Explorer 10 group policy preferences support IE 99 (err… 11) at  TechEd: (Internet Explorer 11) The Browser You Love To Hate.

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Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

10 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 11 Administrator Templates

    1. you right wolf this file not a solution for IE11 problem , any one have windows server update code?

    1. How am i suppose to add this Template to Server 2008. I did added but I can’t see the settings anywhere for IE11

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