Keeping your company secure using Group Policy

In this TechEd session I presented at TechEd New Zealand 2014 I covered some of the changes with Group Policy preferences recently as well as some of the new Group Policy improvements you can do to protect yourself against Pass the Hash attacks. Unfortunately at the end one of my Demo’s did not work however I actually did get it to work only a few minutes after the video ended. All I had to do was log off and on and the authentication attempt failed as expected. In any case it was a great session and best of all it was recorded in full video so you actually get to see me talk on stage rather than just look at my monitor.


Unfortunately they have only release the video as a WMV so you will need to click use this link to play the video.


Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

7 thoughts on “Keeping your company secure using Group Policy

  1. When trying to access the video I get this error:
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  2. Great video! Already heard of the CPasswords but never found a way to get around it. Keep up the good work. Kudos.

  3. Alan

    Would you also subscribe to the fact that you would want to deny log on locally/batch to Enter/Domain Admins (teir 0)to your servers(tier 1) as well? Essentially that is what I understand Microsoft recommends as well.

    As well as denying Server Admins(tier 1) to log on locally/batch to your Workstations(tier 2)?

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