What is Group Policy?

So, this is a really simple question and obvioulys for the more experience Windows IT Professional this is probably a no brainer question. However, just like eveyone else that started in the IT industry we all started know nothing so this is actually still a fairly common question for people just starting their career.

Group Policy is the out of the box way that Microsoft has shiped since Windows 2000 to configure Windows comptuers on a large scale. It is mainly used for “Domain Joined” computers, but it is still possible to use “Local” Group Policy to enforce configuration on non-domain joined (a.k.a. Workgroup) computers.

Since the start of Group Policy being added to Windows 2000 it has since had some major upgrade in feature and capability such as the addition of Group Policy Preferences. Latley however, new Group Policy feature have been few and far between and Microsoft is more focusing on other products such as InTune and Microsoft System Centre Configuraiton Manager.


Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

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