Tweet now for more Windows 7 Libraries Group Policies @gpteam

One of the features in Windows 7 that is sadly lacking are any Group Policies that can be used to configure an IT administrator to configure is the Libraries feature. Well an article on the web has started a wish list for new features to be include with Service Pack 1 and one is the ability to configured libraries via Group Policy.

I would have loved to add the departmental share to the documents library for my users from a policy instead of fixing this by hand on each system.

I totally agree that this should be something that would be very useful in an corporate environment similar to how great it is to be able to configured folder  redirection. If you also think that this is something that should be added in either the next service pack or with an Out of Band updated then send your feedback to the Group Policy team by re-tweeting this article with the @gpteam in the tweet. 

Source: | Is Windows 7 RTM so good that SP1 needs no real improvements? –

Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

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