How to remove imported Internet Explorer Group Policy Settings

If you have ever configured you Internet Explorer setting via the “Internet Explorer Maintenance” group policy setting you might be wondering however to remove these setting now you found a few easier ways to do the same thing. Well its not all that  obvious but if you go to User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings  you can then right click on "Internet Explorer Maintenance" and click "Reset Browser Settings" you are done…


Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

12 thoughts on “How to remove imported Internet Explorer Group Policy Settings

  1. I just tried to add dcserver to group policy management editor, and now having issues trying to get this off the gpme. Any other suggestions would be fantastic!

  2. After click Reset Browser Settings, the IEM Extension in the GPO will disappear.
    so how to fall back it in again, so IEM Extension will appear

  3. Hi guys. I have been trying to resolv this too, it is “easier” way. and you don’t have to lower your IE on Win7 to do it:
    navigate to \\sysvol\\Policies\\User\ and delete the “microsoft” folder.. it worked for me

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