Can you tell which house is mine?

There is a company call Near Map that takes frequent high detail areal images of my suburb. There also happen to have a twitter account ( @nearmap ) that announces when they are about to take a photos of certain regions. SO…. last time they took a photo of my area I raced out to the front yard to make a few letters.

As I only have limited time and material to make out some letters I decided that I would spell out the initial of my favourite tech topic… Group Policy.

Hint: Look for the letters “GP”



That’s my house… Can you tell I like “GP”.


In case you were wondering where i live… all i will say is that it is somewhere here,153.106413&z=14&t=k&nmd=20110919

Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

9 thoughts on “Can you tell which house is mine?

  1. Hi
    Great post

    Here’s my post on NearMap from last year

    I’ve also been stalking them for this weeks Melbourne flights but they seem to have cut it short so far, although the weather’s been fine.

    My place is on the map from a year or 2 ago but lately the wind has blown my signs around before the overhead flight


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