What’s new in Windows 8 Part #2

So I am stuck in hospital for the new few days (I’m fine) but luckily I have my laptop with so I am going to watch more of the BUILD sessions videos to see what titbits I can find out about Windows 8.

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Here we go…

  • On 3G devices network operators will be  able to have their own Metro style app automatically deployed to allow users to purchase, top-up and check their network usage.
  • WiFi direct will work with Network Virtualisation so you will be able to pair with a device and with an access point at the same time..
  • Devices will be able to establish WiFi direct connections using the proximity sensor… So just tap two device together and they will be paired..
  • Windows Update will change its behaviour based on the network you are connected. Down not download updates via “costed” (i.e. 3G) network connection.
  • You can prevent dual homing of a computer via Group Policy (e.g. turn off WiFi when connected to Ethernet)
  • Windows 8 can be notified about usage plan alerts via SMS messages from the network carrier. It then intercepts and parses these SMS’s and displays the information to the use in the carriers Metro app.
  • Windows 8 will have a class (standard) driver for 3G devices…. If the device firmware is class driver compliant then you will not need to install a third-party driver to make the device to work.
  • WiFi Auto Power save… This has been moved to the device and therefore has less power overhead…
  • WiFi will now connect to the network in about 1 seconds when resuming from sleep. Down from about 8 or 9 seconds from Windows 7.
  • WiFi device will be responsible to look for network patterns that are Push Notification for that computer. If it finds something it will then wake up Windows 8 to action the incoming notification.
  • Windows will go out and download printer drivers for printers that have Metro style drivers published on the App Store.
  • Windows 8 will automatically install any printers on your home network. But is still controlled on a corporate network.
  • You can play and HTML5 Video, HTML 5 Audio and Photos to a Play To device e.g. TV.
  • NFC enabled devices can be used to share information such as interesting web sites…
  • Will support (at least) 640 Logical Processors
  • Will support (at least) 4tb RAM
  • Virtualisation Support Stats
    • 160 Logical Processors
    • 1024 Active VM’s
    • 32 Virtual Processors per VM
    • 1024 Virtual Processors per Host
    • 512gb per VM
    • 2TB Ram per host
  • NUMA support will work within a Virtual Guest
  • 25% performance improvement on file servers
  • Remote FX now support WAN, USB and Multitouch

Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

3 thoughts on “What’s new in Windows 8 Part #2

  1. I would like to disable my wifi drivers as my desktop connects to the internet via Ethernet and, despite this, my system nevertheless continues to check for active wifi thereby overloading my system bus which, in turn, interferes with my external audio card. It took months to figure out the problem but – despite its problems – it was relatively straightforward to disable my wifi drivers in Vista 64.

    Your post indicates Windows 8 allows a user to prevent dual homing of a computer via Group Policy (e.g. turn off WiFi when connected to Ethernet). Do you happen to know how to do this? The new look hardware/device manager section of the Control Panel is pretty but I can’t find anything allowing me to activate or disable the drivers for my wifi!

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