Remote Server Admin Tool out now for Windows 10


Every time Microsoft releases a new Windows client OS they also release the Remote Server Admin Tools for the client OS and as expect they have done this again for Windows 10 1607. In case you don’t know what Remote Server Admin Tools (a.k.a. RSAT) is, its the full sweet of admin tools that you would normally have available on a Windows Server but packaged to be installed on the client OS. This is a essential for anyone who manages servers as it is important to be able to manage you serves remotely. This is of course particularly important as Windows Server 2016 by default, does not install the GUI thus making this tool not only important but essential.

Of course, one of the tools that is part of this update file is the Group Policy Management Console and as always recommended, its best to use the latest version of the GPMC when editing Group Policy Objects.

So if you do any GPO editing in your environment and you are running Windows 10 then go download it now at


Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

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