Windows 8 Preview

windows-8-logoIn case you missed it Steven Sinofsky has just shown a preview of Windows 8 UI at the All Things D conference. I have posted a few screenshots and the official Microsoft video below to wet your appetite… Sorry I have no news on what new with Group Policy, yet…

Lock Screen


Start Screen


Check out the full video below:

Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

8 thoughts on “Windows 8 Preview

  1. where’s the information for business users? has any thought been put into how this will operate on a domain? can we finally turn off libraries as they are a nightmare when you’re trying to redirect “Documents” to a file server and windows insists that you need a different “Documents” and the local drive as well but doesn’t tell you which “documents” you’re saving into…

    yet again only thinking about the home user… woo hoo

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