Group Policy Search Engine has moved!

magnifying_glassIf you are like me and are forever forgetting where exactly a group policy setting is location or what it was exactly called then you probably have frequented the Group Policy Search Engine (previous at However this web site no longer exists but thankfully it has move to

If you have never used this web site before you then you should definitely check it out as it is a fantastic way to look up all the group policy setting that Microsoft have created for their products. I find the site very handy for finding the registry keys that policy setting configure and to link to in my documentation…. Hmm… i am going to have to update those links…

Other than the address change it is still the same great site so check it out at 


Author: Alan Burchill

Microsoft MVP (Group Policy)

1 thought on “Group Policy Search Engine has moved!

  1. Hi,
    The Search Connector does not work anymore, since they forgot to update the osdx file. Updating the code with the new http address will make the search connector almost work.

    However when you click on a search result the page doesn’t load, due to incorrect link creation.

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